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13-Apr-2020, Ad#: 18322, Views: 5349
Category: Real Estate & Property

Sales manager (Fulltime)
Farsight Management
Job location

Company introduction

My name is Andrey
I am the founder of the management company «Farsight Villas & Hotels Management».
Our main focus is marketing and full management of villas, hotels, guest houses and other real estate objects.

We have been working for 13 years in three Asian countries: Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. There are 102 luxury properties under our sensitive and professional management. Thanks to the work of more than 1000 partners and our own IT platform with a unique system of dynamic prices, we make the workload of our customers ninety percent.

To gain a leading position in the real estate management industry in the world, we are looking for a professional sales manager.

Job description
If everything you read below is about you, then it makes sense for you to read on.

  • You are a purposeful person. And you are ready for the sake of achieving the goal for any extraordinary receptions
  • You have good conversational English and you can communicate freely with foreigners, and if you don’t know something, you can use sign language to convey the necessary information.
  • You are the genius of communication. You can easily find a common language with people. And you think that there are no good or bad people. There are those with whom you have found a common language and those with whom you have yet to find.
  • You are a psychologist. You feel people. You do many things intuitively, rather than using cheat sheets from books on "negotiations without defeats".
  • You don’t like to sale people a product that they do not need. The motto “Squeeze everything in the negotiations” contradicts your principles. You get to business only when you are sure that you are selling a valuable product or service.
  • You are a very energetic person. You can't sit on a chair straight for a long time. You don't want to sit, you want to act. And enough empty talk.
  • You want to be part of the strongest team, part of a company that plans to be only the first in its field!
  • You don't want a salary, you want money. Fair money for the result achieved.
The end result of Your work will be a client who will sign a contract and start working with our company.

Annual salary
IDR 1000


To get this result You will need to:

  • Search for clients and work with a ready database of incoming requests
  • Negotiate over the phone, make appointments with the Manager
  • To conduct live meetings with decision makers and sell our services
  • Supervise the further process of concluding the contract
  • Reflection data about your work in the company's CRM - system
  • To smile and enjoy life, because even this, client feels when communicating with you on the phone
  • You are always attentive, especially when applying for a job and when you respond to this vacancy you will start cover letter with the words " Great start”.

We are a team of professionals focused on high quality of service, which came to the market to conduct honest and transparent transactions for clients, so that they can enjoy renting real estate. We know what our client needs, because we analyze, study and follow trends a lot.

Here is what we offer:

  • The incoming stream of customers (handling incoming calls and Internet requests)
  • Flexible work schedule (ability to plan your own work day)
  • A friendly team of professionals and a mentoring system.
  • Advertising, legal and informational support
  • Your income is unlimited, provided That you will actually work and successfully bring new customers.
  • Piecework payment (in the first 3 months of work guaranteed fixed payment + % from transactions, then only % from transactions)
  • We provide training and send employees to sales training and conferences.
This job is for you if:
  • You like to sell high-quality and useful products over the phone and in person
  • You are only set to win and on the result, which is measured in sales
  • You like to talk and you really succeed in it.

Farsight Management
Andrey Bolsh

Phone: +62 87812259272

Please mention "Workster.com Ad#18322" in your cover letter when applying for this position. 

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